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For the Sweet Tooth..

Have you heard the saying: the best things in life are sweet? If not, scroll down below to see what we are talking about. Our sweet boxes are one of a kind that you won't find anywhere else. A wide variety of sweet and sour, chocolates of all kinds, m&m's, the traditional 'Party Lollies', snakes, chupa chups, freddo, kinder surprise and the list goes on and on! Below, you'll find a selection of sweet boxes that have been previously made for our customers. The best part is, you can even customise the whole box to satisfy your taste buds. (Sugar Cookies no longer available). 

Each box will come with the following: 

Small: 1 Donut- $50.00 - Serving suggestion: up to 5 people

Medium: 2 Donuts - $90.00 - Serving Suggestion: up to 10 people

Large: 3 Donuts - $120.00 - Serving suggestion: up to 15 people

Please note: GF/V requests will incur extra charges.

Small Sweet Boxes

Medium Sweet Box

Large Sweet Box

Time to order your sweet box!

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